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Austria, having finished third in its qualification group behind Serbia and France, won’t act a part in the World Cup. Nevertheless the country is an important part in the preparation for the major tournament in South Africa.

England_80x80Not less than ten national teams – almost a third of the 32  teams playing in the World Championship – will hold pre-tournament camps in the “Alps Republic”, among them England, the Netherlands and Spain.

A summer training camp in Austria has already been an integral part of the preparation of football teams from England, Italy and many other countries for many years. Hence ”International Football Camps Styria” (IFCS) that organises these camps in the Austrian province of Styria are used to welcome international stars playing for Arsenal, Real Madrid and other football celebrities in Austria. West Ham has also used training facilities in the south of Styria for its pre-season twice in the last three years.

But this time it will be different. “England is Real Madrid to the power of then,” Nik Pichler, who works for IFCS, says. Organising the training camp for the English team that is going to stay in Styria from May 17 – 23 in Irdning’s Hotel Schloss Pichlarn is quite complex, but the management of the FA is extremely professional, Pichler explains. For him “it’s great fun working together with them”. The head cook and the assistent coach of the English team have already been here, this week the security officers were expected to come in order to clear all questions before the arrival of the “Three Lions” in Austria.

upc_arenaA date for a public training session has already been fixed: on May 19 everybody will have the chance to watch Fabio Capello’s men getting fit for the World Cup. Pichler: “More than 100 journalists from England are going to fly over to Vienna and Graz and we have to bring them all to Irdning then.”

May 30, 14:15 (CEST) England will play Japan in a friendly in Graz. We can be sure that on this evening there will be a media hype that the ground in Graz hasn’t seen before. The UPC-Arena (called “Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium” until the Styria born film star sanctioned death penalties in his function as governor of California) holds 15,400 (picture right). Tickets for the game can be bought at OE TICKET in Austria.

Another team coming to Styria for their training camp will be New Zealand. They are going to play a friendly against Serbia in Carinthia’s Euro-stadium in Klagenfurt on May 19. Other teams preparing for the World Cup in other parts of Austria are e.g. the Netherlands, Spain and Slovenia.

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