Confessions of a Hammers Supporter

Well, something West Ham related after all:

“Do I care about the World Cup and all of its sociological implications? Not really. In fact, I don’t care who wins the England-America match or the final trophy. I support West Ham, and that is all that matters. And with no less than ten current and former West Ham players in the 2010 England squad (the Americans have one too), maybe we will win it again this year.”

This is from a nice article on supporting West Ham from abroad in The Economist some weeks ago. I came about it as this article by Alexander Ewing featured on Jeremy Nicholas’ blog. You will all know that Jeremy Nicholas is West Ham’s stadium announcer. And he is also the English voice of the bestselling EA Sports video game Fifa 10 - and it’s imaginatively titled predecessors Fifa 09, 08, 07 and Fifa 06.
A nice read!

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