West Ham 3 Liverpool 1

“This was without doubt the best team performance of the season. I can’t remember a game where we dominated so much, for so long, and were so consistently good in defence, midfield and attack. Every part of the team performed brilliantly, and it was really only in the last ten minutes that Liverpool got a kick.”

“Up front we were a joy to watch. We’ve now scored 17 goals in 5 games, and we constantly look a threat. Demba Ba is undoubtedly our most exciting striking prospect since the Tevez/Ashton days. He knows where the goal is and isn’t afraid to put himself about. Indeed, he was everywhere today and his defensive performance was almost as good as his attacking one. He has tremendous skill and application and seems to glide past his opponents with apparent ease. And what a goal! That was a pure striker’s goal. When did we last have a striker who scored a goal like that and you felt that he meant it?”

From Iain Dale‘s match report (West Ham Till I Die)

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