A voice from Austria on BBC’s Wednesday Sports Show

Wednesday Sports Show 16/03/2011 with David Croft. “The best coverage of London sport anywhere around,” they say. And it was that evening that RapidHammer was given the opportunity to talk to fellow Hammers fan David Croft on BBC London Radio 94.9. And by the way: I have decided to apply for a membership in the new Hammers fans forum.

In the evening I had twittered that Mike Jones’ refereeing in Sunday’s FA Cup quarter final and Stoke’s second goal that should not have stood had been a disgrace. And I had added that Avram Grant’s FA charge because of his criticism of the ref was a disgrace as well. (Avram Grant had said that the referee, maybe having the desire to even things up after Stoke had complained bitterly about Hammers’ equalizer, ”gave everything for Stoke” in the second half.)

Some minutes later I saw a tweet on my timeline asking me to give BBC a call and speak to David Croft (pic: BBC) on his Sports Show.

No sooner said than done! Watching the Champions League game of Real Madrid v Lyon on TV became less interesting and I was caught by the thrill of waiting for BBC’s call-back. Listening to the radio show via internet, I learned about England’s next game of rugby against Ireland on Saturday and had almost given up hope that West Ham v Stoke was going to be discussed that evening.  Credit to BBC for apologizing  for the delay, and thanks to David for eventually giving me the call that gave me the chance to “talk West Ham” on BBC.

Talking West Ham

I explained my devotion for West Ham and my opinions on Higginbotham’s goal which would have done a rugby game honour and on the penalty which had not been given in West Ham’s favour. And I said that I was convinced that in this case Avram Grant’s emotional outburst after the tense game against Stoke should not be charged by the FA, as the West Ham manager usually is a very polite man, and often has refused to hold the ref responsible, regardless of West Ham’s deplorable position in the league.

Asked why I had become a West Ham fan I was able to explain that first of all I had been attracted by the colours of the club, adding that I was drawn to the Irons also by their traditionally attractive attacking style of play and their philosophy of nursing talent in their famous Academy of Football. Having said that, I learned that I was a very ordinary Hammers fan, as David told us that most of us say “Claret and blue” when they are asked why they have become devoted to the East Londoners.

Going to be a BBC correspondent?

Still our talk hadn’t come to an end, and I was able to drop the name of my West Ham weblog and mention the club I have always been supporting at home in Austria, Rapid Vienna. Last but not least David announced that he would phone me again and make me BBC’s correspondent in case of West Ham playing an Austrian club in Europe. Well, could be a long time coming until we know if David has kept his word! Anyway I’m looking forward to it – and, by the way, West Ham would be playing European football if the qualification was decided by the recent “form guide” of the last six Premier League matches. The “form guide” sees West Ham in fourth place right now!

Well, it was a nice chat with David Croft on his Wednesday Sports Show on BBC London. “Talking West Ham” with fellow West Ham supporters is great fun! And I hope my fellow supporters are pleased with having had an Austrian Hammers fan on the radio last night.

Making the “voice from abroad” heard

I think I’ve shown that devoted West Ham fans not only live in London, but are found all over the world, even in Austria! And to make this “voice from abroad” heard I have decided to apply for the new West Ham Supporters Advisory Board. If you want to support my application for taking part in this new fans forum send me an E-Mail to rapidhammer@aon.at.

I think the Board’s decision to set up a fans forum is a significant move in the right direction. I hope West Ham and its supporters will be able to make most of it. I want to take part, I will stay independent and I would try my best to help West Ham United move forward.

IRONS !!!!!

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